Welcome to PrismBot!

Thank you for your order! If you're new to our strategies and bot service, we welcome you. We appreciate your support and we want to help guide you on your trading journey.


What do I do now?

Now you wait! But not very long. Within a few hours (and up to 24 hours or so) we will have your access to the bot and strategies prepared for you. The bots are highly secure instances and take some time to setup, and we will add you to the strategies manually. Once your bot is ready, you will receive another email with your login information for the bot service.

Please also check your email to activate your prismbot.io store account to manage your subscription. It may have ended up in spam! Sorry about that.

While you wait, I would encourage you to check out or FAQ for setup guides and information on getting started, and join our Discord to talk to me directly and ask our community for guidance to get you going!