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Ultimate Strategy Bundle - Prism Investors
Ultimate Strategy Bundle - 1 Month Subscription - Prism Investors
Ultimate Strategy Bundle - 1 Month Subscription - Prism Investors
Ultimate Strategy Bundle - 1 Month Subscription - Prism Investors
Ultimate Strategy Bundle - 1 Month Subscription - Prism Investors


Ultimate Strategy Bundle

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This all access pass gives you access to our entire catalog of Tradingview Strategies and PrismBot trading bot.

You can access these strategies for 1 Month or 1 Year inclusive with this bundle purchase. This will include all new strategies added to our catalog from here into the future and all updates to existing strategies. In addition you will be granted access to the PrismBot* (learn more) which will allow you to (on the included option free) open 1 trade at a time. You can purchase the ability to open multiple positions. To pay with crypto you must select "One-time purchase" as this cannot be set as a monthly subscription.


If you're trying to upgrade your bot subscription tier to allow more open positions, click here to learn more.


*PrismBot currently supports Binance and Bybit Futures trading only. 

Not currently supported: Inverse Futures or Spot Trading


Refund policy

✔️ 💎 Prism Bot FREE

      Trade on Binance, ByBit. Includes Futures!


✔️ Advanced Strategy Builder


✔️ Hyper Scalper Strategy


✔️ MACD Strategy


✔️ RSI Strategy


✔️ Kinski Histogram Strategy


✔️ Advanced Pullback Strategy


✔️ Multiple Built-In Filters


  • Access to 5+ unique and profitable trading scripts every month
  • Tweak a multitude of specific settings (MA lengths, R:R, SL distance etc)
  • Enable advanced setup filters
  • Use money management and risk calculations
  • Draw trade info directly to chart (eg. SL size in percent, win rate etc)
  • Use various filters (eg. time filter, date filter, MA slope angle etc)
  • Manage risk per position when auto-trading
  • Choose from various alert placeholders and conditions!
  • Sync to any bot like Finandy, Auto-view, 3Commas, and more


Safe and Secure Checkout


You can checkout using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Coinbase*.


*Crypto payments are executed via ERC20 and can only be applied to a One-Time Payment option.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Profit Machine

it's really good strategy

Clark Hunter
Impressed so far

Highly customisable and potentially powerful in the correct hands.

Иво Петров

All Perfect for now

Ultimate Strategy Bundle Review

I have been in other paid subscription groups before but the big difference with PrismBot and what they offer with there strategies is definitley a step ahead of the other groups. I have also found the Discord group to be a step ahead as you get prompt answers and help whereas in the other groups I felt like I was going around in circles not getting anywhere. I am excited to be onboard with PrismBot and feel optimistic that I am on the right path with my Trading.

Great team and Great results!!

Highly recommended for new or advanced automated traders, I have freed myself from stareing at a screen all day and use my employees (bots) make my income for me. Thanks to the prisim team