In our research we've found that most strategy and bot services are either too complicated or too simple. We've identified that the most popular bot services on the market tend to be over simplified in that a user has no or little control over how they execute trades or how their position sizes are determined. This makes sense for a beginner trader who may not be familiar with the intricacies involved. But for more experienced traders, we've also found that the bot and strategy services that do provide this control are also significantly over complicated in how they give you this control and are often a mess of alert syntaxes and code systems. This leaves little room in between for someone who may be unfamiliar with bots but familiar with trading who may want to get into algorithmic bot trading. 

What Is PrismBot? is a Tradingview strategy and trading bot algo service founded in early 2021. Our Tradingview strategies attempt to solve a lot of the problems in existing strategy. That is, better reliability in signals and testing strategy concepts, and better usability for newer traders. We also provide a proprietary trading bot that seamlessly integrates with our strategies to make automated trading accessible to a broader audience. We firmly believe bot trading and professionally coded strategies should be reliable, simple, and affordable, while providing a well-rounded experience for both beginner and advanced traders.

Our Solutions

PrismBot solves the major problem of overly complicated strategies and bot setups by ensuring our team works closely together to think though user interactions. Every input, every interaction, and every strategy is carefully crafted to provide the most seamless and easy to understand experience possible within the limitations of the Tradingview platform.

We explore how other platforms function, and what they get wrong or right from a usability perspective and imitate what ought to be imitated, and change what should be changed.

We listen carefully to our community feedback and rely greatly on our community to keep us in-line with the best experience we can provide.