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Here's what you need to know. 


About has been working around the clock since 2020 to make our indicators the best they can be.

We built this tool in efforts to remove the draining process of spending hours studying and sorting through market data and charts online.


What we sell:

We sell professionally coded, advanced Tradingview Indicators and Strategies. As an example, here's a few links to our products and our public demos:


Demo scripts:


Our #1 Seller:



Key Selling Points: 


  • Proprietary Trading Bot. Our strategies include a trading bot that allows for seamless integration and alert setups. 
  • FREE Demos. Unlike most of our competition, we offer free forever demo strategies available to everyone. 
  • Low Price. Most of our competition has much higher overhead costs, and significantly lower quality strategies than us. We price our strategies and monthly subscription at a price affordable to just about anyone new or advanced in trading.
  • Easy to use Professional Strategies. Our strategies are built with the idea that no matter your skill level, you can start building your own algorithm from the ground up using a variety of in-built coordinated strategies. For instance you can easily choose from a variety of strategies with simple tick boxes or dropdown menus, and if you really know what you're doing, fine-tuning those strategies to your own tastes. 
  • Regular Updates and live demo tutorials. Our owner will regularly update the strategies with new ideas, add new strategies every month, and do live tutorials and demos of the strategies in use on the YouTube channel.
  • Reliable trading signals. Our strategies will provide reliable entry signals by rigorously sticking to the rules the customer inputs into the strategy. Never miss another trading opportunity. 
  • Easy to automate. Our strategies have been customized to include alert messages that can be sent to trading bots like 3commas so our customers can earn money while they sleep. 
  • Talk directly to the owner. Unlike other anonymous sellers, our owner is front and center ready to answer support questions and talk to customers via email ( | Discord). 
  • Safe transactions. We offer payments through PayPal, Stripe, and crypto which offers confidence to our customers that they are safe and protected during all transactions. Our website is verified and Trusted.


What NOT to say:

  • We do not offer refunds. We offer free forever demos that are representative of exactly what the customer will receive. 
  • We do not guarantee profitability. While we do KNOW our strategies have been profitable in the past, it is not possible to guarantee future results in trading, and anyone who does is scamming. If you do become an affiliate you are not permitted to guarantee customers can or will be profitable. You can however tell them that these tools can be profitable under trending market conditions with the right setup, and explain how they can easily set them up to do so.


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