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Treat Your Trading Like A Business

You're The CEO, Your Strategies Are Employees While I don't want to get too deep into a "mindset" type of discussion, I think it is at least worth exploring the concept of viewing your trading career as exactly that, a career. This is something you should be considering as a long term business investment, not for short term gains. 6 months, 1 year, 5 years. Will you still be trading? Or will your business go bankrupt?   Your Strategies Are Your Employees You should treat your strategies like employees. If they're not working for you, do a performance assessment, and if you find that your strategies are failing you, fire them. This doesn't mean your employees can't take a vacation...

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How to Avoid Overfitting / Curvefitting in Trading

What is Overfitting?   Overfitting (or curvefitting) is when you tweak settings in your strategy and try to find the perfect settings for a profitable setup in backtest data. This is a very common practice on Tradingview, but unfortunately, creates unrealistic profit graphs.   How do you know if you've overfitted?   There are a number of ways to identify if you've overfitted your strategy.   Your strategy thesis is not profitable until you tweak values in the strategy   Your strategy is only profitable on the time period you tested on and when going into Bar Replay mode and checking past data, your strategy fails   You don't understand why you're changing the values you're changing, you're just tweaking...

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Trading with Leverage on Binance Futures

What Is Leverage? Leverage is simply an equity multiplier. Leverage let's you borrow money from your exchange in order to open a position. It is a great way to increase your equity and trade larger position sizes, but it's also a great way to lose your entire account balance in one fell swoop if you get liquidated.   Trading with leverage carries high risk and greatly increases your market exposure. You also have to consider the borrow fees on your exchange, which is usually a very small percentage of your borrow amount on a position, known as a Daily Interest.   How to trade with leverage As a trader looking to turn your trading into a personal business, leverage trading...

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